The World of Jack Hammer

Main Street, 1948

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe they just don’t like readin’…
This is where I live and work: the squeaky clean streets of Salt Lake City in 1948. When I came home from The War  in ‘46 I was 26 years old, too old to go back to school or live with Mother. Instead I took a job as a night watchman at Auerbach’s department store babysitting mannequins. I’ve been trying to use my skills from my years in the Army as MP, so I set up my own little business as a Private Investigator finding stray dog, cats and husbands. I rent a little two-room office on Main where I work and sleep. If you need a good P.I. ask for me, Jack Hammer, Mormon Detective… If you just want to read my story, click on The Lost Rhoades Mine, Chapter 1.

Copyright 2014 Steven R. Burt  All Rights Reserved
Photos Courtesy Utah State Historical Society

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