Jack Hammer Meets Susan Drummond

Jack Hammer, night watchman for Auerbach’s department store in Salt Lake City, spends the long nights talking to mannequins and searching the personal ads for lost rings, cameras, dogs and whatever else might pay a decent reward. His career gets a boost when Susan Drummond drops in on Jack one afternoon and hires him to track down her missing brother, David. But David isn’t easy to find, and Susan disappears too, leaving behind a map fragment that seems to point to something valuable located in the high Uintah mountains.

Enjoy Jack Hammer’s first real case: The Lost Rhoades Mine Affair, by finding the video production on 01entelen’s channel at
Copyright 2014-2018 Steven R. Burt All Rights Reserved
The story contains original theme music by Blaine Gail.

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Jack Hammer is a fictional character, as are the other persons described in this story. Any resemblance to any person(s), living or dead is purely coincidental.

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